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Embark on a journey across the ARK simulation with the J-Teleporter Mod! Experience seamless teleportation across land and sea, with additional map support on the horizon. No dino rides are allowed during teleportation. While currently supporting The Island & Svartalfheim, our vision extends beyond, with plans for additional map compatibility.


  • Craftable remote unlocked at level 2.
  • Teleport to cave entrances on foot with the remote.
  • Custom UI for easy selection of the desired cave.
  • Applicable to both land and underwater caves.

Upcoming Features:

  • Expansion of the teleporting functionality to include more than just caves.
  • Separate page for landmark teleportation to places such as obelisks, artefacts, ruins, biomes, etc.
  • Separate page for explorer notes to allow ease of collection.

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