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With this mod you will be able to store and release your dinos easily and also generate resources with stored dinos.

You can use a custom command to spawn dinos inside SCS Containers. Click here to access the dino generation tool

You can unlock the SCS Collection, SCS Gun and SCS Terminal at level 51

Current Features:

  • Custom UI
  • You can release dinos sequentialy without opening the inventory
  • Use the SCS Gun to store your dinos faster
  • Use the SCS Terminal to store you dinos, auto collect babies, collect and incubate fertilized eggs, and much more!
  • SCS Terminal can passively generate resources: Unfertilized Eggs, Poop, and resources such as achatina paste. (Everything is admin configurable)
  • Unfertilized Egg generation speed can be increased if there is a pair of the same species, and even an oviraptor!
  • Buffs persist when you store and release the dino! (You can trap Shiny Dinos!)
  • Beetles convert poop into fertilizer
  • SCS Terminals distribute Fertilizer to nearby crop plots with slot adjustment
  • Slot adjustment for each poop type inside SCS Terminal inventory
  • Admin mode in SCS Gun and SCS Containers
  • Admin mode will collect all dinos without any restrictions (including wild dinos)
  • Admin option to allow babys grow up inside containers with additional option that auto imprint the baby while growing
  • Press R (X on Xbox, Square on PS5) twice to equip empty containers or Hold R to select one dino from your inventory
  • Admins can choose if Oasisaur and Titanosaur can be captured
  • Oasisaur can generate it native resources inside SCS Terminal inventory!

The mod has no ini settings. Everything can be configured by opening the SCS Terminal inventory and clicking on Admin Settings

If you want to disable the engram of the SCS Gun, SCS Collection or SCS Terminal put these codes in your Game.ini:




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