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Spawn Buffs

Transform your game with Spawn Buffs, featuring two powerful buffs for an unparalleled survival experience.

Respawn Shield

Each time you die and respawn, or when you load into the game, you are instantly equipped with the Gaia Protection Shield. This shield grants you:

  • Total immunity to all forms of damage for 30 seconds.
  • Dinosaurs completely ignore your presence, allowing for safe passage.

New Player Buff

From player level 1 until you surpass player level 15, enjoy the Gaia Starter Shield Buff. This buff offers:

  • 25% reduction in incoming damage.
  • Movement speed doubled.
  • Experience gain doubled.


  • Respawn Shield: Activates on every spawn or game load, providing total damage immunity and making dinosaurs ignore you for 30 seconds.
  • New Player Buff: Active from player level 1 to 15, offering 25% reduced incoming damage, 2x movement speed, and 2x experience gain.

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