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This Mod adds items that aim to make Solo Farming very easy. ( Cross-Play )

Solo Farm Remote:
-Will allow you to put creatures into the Farmmode were thay will continusly use there attack until the inventory is full.
-It also has an Menu were you can create a list of items that you want to get removed from the creature.
-You can create presets of what to remove or keep and save them or load them and then apply them to a creature.
-It also allows you to enable the farmmode for dinos that are by default not enabled just hit Alt+G or Left Thumb Button when holding it and an UI will open were you can add or remove dinos.
( In multiplayer this requires to be admin )

Farmmode Enabler:
-Will add a Buff to the Creature that will add Radial menu options that will allow you to do the same thigns as the remote.

DisableExtraWeightReduction= ( True or False, Default is False )
AnkyAndDoediNormalAttack= ( True or False, Default is False )
RespectWeightLimit=false ( If true dinos will stop attacking when they reach there max weight in Farmmode )
UseStaminaInFarmMode=false ( If true creatures in farmmode will use stamina )
Gameusersettings only get loaded the first time you start up this mod after that they get loaded from a savefile. The settings can still be changed when every you like ingame in the Admin Menu.