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Schneeti's Team Deathmatch: Sandbox will start downloading in 5 seconds...


This mod allows you to create a deathmatch game mode on any map.

Instructions: You cannot overwrite player spawn locations using mods. Therefore make sure your map spawn locations are not directly connected to the arena to prevent players walking into the arena. Ideally a "lobby" is the only available spawn location.

To place spawn points for the deathmatch mode run this command: cheat giveitem "/Script/Engine.Blueprint'/TeamDeathmatch/Items/PrimalItem_GMKit.PrimalItem_GMKit'" 1 0 0 This will create all required items in your inventory.

Team Deathmatch:

  1. Place spawn points for Team 1 by consuming the "Spawn Point - Team 1" item.
  2. Do the same for Team 2.
  3. Optionally, you can place TEK Forcefields and TEK Turrets for each team using the provided "TEK Forcefield/Turret - Team 1/2" items. Those structure will join the correct tribe AFTER you have restarted the server.

1vs1 Duels: To disable the 1vs1-Game Mode add this line to your GameUserSettings.ini:


To allow duels in certain locations consume the "Duel Arena" item. This item will give you 2 additional spawn points for the arena. Again place both of them (for player 1 and 2) using "consume" on the "Spawn Point" item.

For questions join my discord: