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Pull or transfer items between containers.

WARNING: This mod is currently in a beta state. Some functionality may not work consistently yet.

This mod is designed to bring in the old S+ "Pull" overlay with improvements.


  • Pulling items based on the desired quantity specified and the item currently selected
  • Pull crafting materials for the desired number of crafts
  • Prefers pulling from dinos first then containers after
  • Ignore containers or dinos with a * in the name (configurable).
  • Ignores items if they are fuel for the container they are in (won't pull gasoline from a generator, wood from a campfire, etc)
  • Ignores babies (to prevent pulling food from them)
  • Ignores items that are used for "passive" crafting - metal ore in forge, poop in composter, fertilizer in crop plot, etc
  • Ignores food in troughs (can still pull spoiled meat)

Config Options

  • PullRangeInFoundations - the range items can be pulled in foundations. Defaults to 10.
  • IgnoreWeight - whether or not to ignore weight restrictions in the target inventory. Defaults to false.
  • IgnoreString - a string that can be added to container or dino names that will have them ignored when pulling items. Defaults to *.
  • IgnoreItems - a comma-delimited list of items that Puller should ignore ("PrimalItemResource_FungalWood", for example). Default is none.

Add to your GameUserSettings.ini under a Puller section.

Future plans

  • Provide a way to pull into dedicated storage (can't select items in the dedicated storage unit)
  • Improve "crafting pull" logic to pull for as many full crafts as possible and no more than that
  • Pull repair materials for selected item
  • Search functionality

Currently Known Issues

  • Pulling crafting materials is ignoring weight regardless of the configuration and can put players/dinos overweight


A big thanks to OrionSun! While this mod was written from scratch specifically for ASA, it was hugely inspired by functionality that was provided in S+ for ASE. In addition to that, OrionSun's open source code was an invaluable point of reference, Puller would not be possible without it!