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Unleash chaos and control the battlefield with the versatile "Proximity Mines" mod! From the devastating impact of the Explosive Mine to the strategic subtlety of the Narcotic Gas Mine, this mod offers a thrilling array of explosive devices tailored for any scenario.

First up, the Explosive Mine—this classic mine packs a massive punch, capable of delivering colossal explosions that can be devastating to unarmored opponents. Customize its targeting system to single out Players, Tamed Creatures, Wild Creatures, or simply set it to wreak havoc on All Targets.

Next, meet the Bouncing Betty, your ultimate anti-personnel weapon. Crafted to combat heavily armored adversaries, it leaps into action approximately three feet into the air upon activation, then detonates, unleashing a lethal shower of armor-melting shrapnel. This mine is a nightmare for any armored foe!

For those particularly tenacious creatures that just won't back down, deploy the Narcotic Gas Mine. Trigger it to release a potent cloud of sleep-inducing gas that ensures no creature, big or small, can resist its tranquillizing effects. Watch as even the mightiest beasts succumb to slumber, one by one.

Elevate your strategic gameplay with the innovative Mine Field Dispenser. Activate it to automatically scatter mines randomly within your selected range. Choose your mine type and targeting mode to customize your trap-laden welcome mat. For an element of surprise, opt for the Random Selection setting and keep your enemies guessing!

And for those moments when stealth and caution are paramount, this mod includes a Mine Detector. This handy tool uses electromagnetic waves to locate hidden mines and alerts you with increasing beeps as you near your target—no more surprise boom frisbees! Finally, safely mark the mine’s location with a Mine Marker, emitting a beacon visible only to you and your tribe, ensuring your secrets stay safe.

Prepare for an explosive adventure with the "Proximity Mines" mod—strategize, surprise, and dominate!

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Config Options:



(you can set the number of mines to spawn from the Dispenser between 10 and 100)

Spawn Commands:

Explosive Mines

cheat giveitem "/ProximityMines/Explosive/PrimalItemStructure_ExplosiveMine.PrimalItemStructure_ExplosiveMine" 1 0 0 false

cheat gfi ExplosiveMine 1 0 0

Bouncing Betty Mines

cheat giveitem "/ProximityMines/Betty/PrimalItemStructure_BouncingBetty.PrimalItemStructure_BouncingBetty" 1 0 0 false

cheat gfi BouncingBetty 1 0 0

Narcotic Gas Mines

cheat giveitem "/ProximityMines/NarcoticGas/PrimalItemStructure_ProxMine_NarcoticGas.PrimalItemStructure_ProxMine_NarcoticGas" 1 0 0 false

cheat gfi NarcoticGas 1 0 0

Mine Field Dispenser

cheat giveitem "/ProximityMines/MineField/PrimalItemStructure_MineField.PrimalItemStructure_MineField" 1 0 0 false

cheat gfi MineField 1 0 0

Mine Detector

cheat giveitem "/ProximityMines/Detector/PrimalItem_MineDetector.PrimalItem_MineDetector" 1 0 0 false

cheat gfi MineDetector 1 0 0

Mine Marker

cheat giveitem "/ProximityMines/MineMarker/PrimalItemStructure_MineMarker.PrimalItemStructure_MineMarker" 1 0 0 false

cheat gfi MineMarker 1 0 0