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This mod is a standalone portion of Table Top Crafting. It includes the Hanging lamps and Lanterns only. For those who only want to take advantage of the lights, and don't want the extra items and larger mod size.

Disclaimer This mod is in early stage, you might encounter bugs.

Use this mod at your own risk, Owner is not liable for any damage done.

Compatibility This mod should be compatible with any other mods. It has been partially tested with Keyboard and Xbox Controller.

GameUserSetting: None for now, but coming soon.

Roadmap: Add GUS for size and slot count

Bugs If you encounter a bug please leave a message in the comment section.

Items Included in Mod • 2 different lanterns powered by oil

• 3 different hanging lamps powered by oil

• Fireplace powered by oil

• Small grilling oil lamp powered by oil (Functioning grill)

Check out Pages for spawn codes

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