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Moro’s Livyatan

Mod ID: 956237

Discord: https://discord.gg/devdisk-946686437892452393

<----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> (Description)

  • Adds the NEW and fierce Livyatan, a giant prehistoric toothed whale that ruled the seas millions of years ago. This beast hosts many custom abilities and utilities, and the mod as a whole introduces many custom mechanics never seen before in ark.

  • This mod is not just a simple creature addition, but introduces many new items, unique crafting mechanics and an extremely high end taming method revolving around a sound pad on which you must play mini games to communicate with a wild Livyatan. Once you successfully communicate with a wild Livyatan and you gain it's trust the pad will activate sonar that lures a Tuso to the location, in which you must help the Livyatan kill the Tuso and upon killing the Tuso the Livyatan will be loyal to you! And if it has a baby you can also claim the wild baby upon fully taming the adult, 2 birds with one stone!


  • This mod even adds a new underwater boss (an Alpha Livyatan) which gives you a reason to build up underwater Dino armies and you can fight and kill this beast for super valuable resources and to also unlock advanced technology engrams for parts to use in crafting weaponry and armor for a tamed regular Livyatan.

<------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> (SPAWN COMMANDS)

  • (To spawn the creatures and items in with cheats please use the custom in-game Livyatan admin remote that comes with the mod, only and usable with creative mode enabled. The admin remote offers configurations to balance the mod to a server owners preference.)

<------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> (INFORMATION)

  • Adds the Livyatan, a large prehistoric Tuso killing whale with many abilities including a standard bite, bash, tail slap, roar, sonic blast, diving / jumping, and last but not least a ram ability.

  • There are multiple saddles including bone saddle, siege saddle, and regular saddle. With one more to come in the future.

  • The saddles come with their own crafting bench with a custom crafting mechanic as well as a custom upgrade mechanic.

  • In this crafting bench you can craft the saddles, the designated parts required to engineer the saddles, a hide drying rack, and the Livyatan communication tablet which will be needed in order to tame a Livyatan by communicating with a wild one using sound waves emitted from playing custom minigames.

  • This mod offers not only just the Livyatan but a fun new quest / addition to your ark to make things more fun, interesting and scary.

<------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> (HELP / QUESTIONS / REPORT BUGS) (For any inquiries / help with the mod please join my discord to find information and ask questions or offer suggestions, if you find any bugs please report them to me in my discord or in the comments and I will fix them as fast as possible. Also, expect some extra content to be added to this mod in the near future)