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This is a mod that contains numerious pieces for Medieval & Viking role-play servers.

  • This Mod will be released in Volumes For Crossplay in the near future- Just to partition it down for file size and allow users to pick and select which part of MSVV they want for their experience. The initial release is a one shoe fits all for the start of this ongoing project.

Please donate if you like my mod as I plan to tackle Scorched Earth with a similar Biom suite.

There are modular building pieces for building your own village house in the English style villages along with prebuilt structures along with some furniture pieces . Along with the Britian style comes the viking assets of prebuilt houses, huts, guard towers and market stands with a Thor's Hammer emmiting lightinging from it as a monument. There are 32 prebuilt structures!


Medieval Structures & Viking Villages SMITHY

Everything minus the Foundations would be crafted here

Cobblestone Foundation Cobblestone Triangle Foundation Cobblestone Bridge Cobblestone Quarter Foundations Village Wooden Plank Foundation Dirt Road Foundation - Looks worn with Wagon Tracks

---Ceiling / Floor--- WiP, material changer for the castle floor.

Castle Floor Castle Floor Triangle Wooden Floor Wooden Trianglular Floor Wooden Plank Floor Wooden Planked Triangular Floor

lateral wood beams_ Verticle beams to be added later.

Roof Medieval Tiled Roof Medieval Tiled Triangular & Inverted Roof Medieval Tiled HALF Roof
Medieval Tiled Roof prebuilt for arctictual Triangular side walls


Cobblestone Castle Walls - made for sealing off your city Cobblestone Castle Wall w/door

Village Doorframe & Walls w/Triangular and Quarter pieces - some contain ficade windows "I've found this iseful if I want to polish the interior ficade with a castle wall with 1 foundation placement width apart to have that village Town look." Brick Doorframe & Walls w/Triangular and Quarter pieces - Some of these walls contain Transparent windows. Wooden Doorframe & walls 3 Large Triangular Wall finishes 1 w/o windows and the other two with.

3 Cobblestone gateways w/ craftable gates

3 Worn Mid-Century Paintings


4 Mid-Century Doors to fit both door frames, a total of 8, 1&2 for each style have archtectual aesthetics & normal Wooden Village door

Building Doors - These doors where made specifically to fit the doorways of the prebuilt structures.


8 Stair variations - These go from Stairs that have a platfor at the top with building snap points to normal type stair variants. 3- Mega Stair scaffolding builds with snap points for ceiling or foundation to build off of, you can also place objects around the path or torches on the side of the beams leading up.

Medieval Structures

13 Buildings, Yes I said 13. Inside the building you must place the Building Doors that correspond to the doorframe if you wish to seal off any rooms.

1-Medieval Village House 3 Medieval Multi level Buildings Ivy Style Village House 1 Watch Tower 1 Guard Tower w/ room 1 Barn house 4 Village Houses 2- Functioning Windmill Generators "You have to still click on but powered by wind so no fuel required with increased range".

Viking Stuff

Viking Bed Viking Bench Viking Chair Viking Door Viking Table 3 Stylized Viking Chests 4 Viking style Torches - 1 Brasero & 1 standing torch, 2 wall torches - THESE DO NOT USE FUEL

Viking Small structures

2 Small scaffolding construction structures 1 small guard tower 2 Archery targets 1 Free standing Flag Paintable? 4 Market Stands - 3 with individual preserving traits. Thor's Hammer monument with emmiting lightining. "When you stand within a radius the power of the thunder god regenerates health to you and your Dinos". 2 Viking Ships to raid and pillage

Viking Village 8 Village Houses Variations 1 Tavern 10 Viking huts Variations W/ functioning doors

Special thanks to:
Mist3er Trixer Trainspotting Vagabond SlayerXtreme Hypernatrema Quell Moronada Naneya Zen Rowe


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Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Castle_Floor 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Castle_Gate 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_MSVV_Doors 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Cobblestone_Foundation 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Castle_Gateway 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Village_Pillar 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Medieval_Roof 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Medieval_Stairs 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_MSVV_Mega_Stairs 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Medieval_House 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Castle_Wall 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Village_Doorframe 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Village_Stone_Wall 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Village_Triangle_Wall 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Village_Wall 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Village_Wood_wall 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Medieval_Lanterns 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_ToB 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Building_Doors 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Medieval_Prison 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Windmill_Generator 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_MSVV_Paintings 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Viking_Wood_Ladder 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_MSVV_Beds 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Viking_Bench 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Viking_Chair 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Viking_Table 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Viking_Torches 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_ME_Chest_1 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_MSVVV_MarketStands 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_MSVV_Smithy 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_MSVV_Thors_Hammer 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Viking_Buildings 1 0 0|

Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Viking_Huts 1 0 0|