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Marniimods Hairstyles

Crossplay supported

Project ID: 949521

Hairstyles won the community vote in the ARKathon "everything else" category! Thank you all for the support!

Enhance your character's look with a varied selection of new hairstyles, beards, and accessories. This new options to personalize your character's hair and appearance, designed to seamlessly integrate into your ARK survival ascended experience and be compatible with all other mods on the platform.


  • Variety - Choose from a broad selection of hairstyles & accessories to redefine your character's look. This mod includes new hairstyles, facial hair, headpieces & accessories. Currently, there are 10 new types of hairstyles available for both male and female characters, along with 6 facial hair variants/ face framing options.
  • Quality - Each hairstyle is lovingly designed with attention to detail by me, ensuring a polished and realistic appearance to fit seamlessly into ARK: Survival Ascended servers. All updates are extensively tested before any new content is brought to the live mod.
  • Compatibility - Easily style yourself through the character creation menu or simply craft yourself a pair of scissors to change up the looks for your existing character. The mod is crossplay supported, which means you can use this mod whenever you play on PC or Console.

Important information:

This is a work in progress mod and will receive updates over time, featuring new hairstyles, facial hair, accessories & more. If you discover any bugs or issues, please join the Discord server and send me a message.

Check out this document for Hairstyles FAQ & mod status

Thank you to:

  • Noot for testing the alpha & beta version of the mod.
  • Nekatus for alpha testing and providing amazing screenshots Check out his work Here