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With this mod you add 5 new categories of structures:

(K Rope Structures)

*Inexpensive wooden and rope structures that come close to straw but do not take damage from large wild animals.

(K Rustic Wood Structures)

*Stylized rustic wooden structures that have extracted structures, have the resistance between wood and stone, and also do not receive damage from animals up to large sizes.

(K Rustic Greenhouse Structures)

*They are stylized wooden structures for greenhouses, they also do not take damage from creatures up to large sizes, they have a subclass called: ventilated.

(K Rustic Rock Structures)

*Structures made of stones from the island map with a rustic appearance, have resistance between the stone and metal classes.

(Roofs have 4 subclasses)

*Roof. *Special roofs. *Steep roofs. *Shallows roofs.

(General characteristics of the structures in this mod)

*All structures in the mod with the exception of the Rope class apply medium thermal protection for heat, exactly like Adobe structures, and apply low thermal protection for cold.

*All structures in the mod do not take damage from large creatures.

*All assets present in this mod have polygon optimization, making it a lighter mod to load than vanilla structures.

*The ramps and stairs items have their own blueprint to make using the mod's roofs easier.

*Structures such as foundations, ceilings, ramps and stairs have the function of removing snow from the structure.

(Extra structures present in the mod)

*Tables. *Chairs. *Beds. *Forge. *Cabinets. *Crops. *Wooden bridges. *Ocean foundations. *Sap lanterns

Please consider making a donation of any amount if you think I am worthy, I would be very grateful for that, it encourages me to continue producing content constantly even though this is not the only reason I work with mods.