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Have you ever seen something in a mod you loved? What about 3+ mods? Kjasi sure has. That's why he's taken some of his favorite aspects from multiple mods, combined them, and added some of his own ideas and flavors into the mix. This is the KJ's ARK mod.

Focusing on improving the game-play through advanced structures and automation, KJ's ARK is aimed at improving the look of your base, automating your daily chores, and making things easier for you, while you're off exploring, fighting, and having fun!

Current Features

  • Structure Variants: Most vanilla structures (and all KJ Versions) can take on the appearance of any compatible, lower-tier version of that structure. (Tek walls can look like Metal, Greenhouse, Stone, Wood, or Thatch walls.)
  • Foundation Stacking: You can stack KJ Foundations on top of each other. (INI option to disable.)
  • Automatic Doors
  • Larger storage boxes
  • Upgraded versions of multiple vanilla crafting stations, with larger storage, and faster crafting.
  • Automatic Torches that turn off during the day.
  • Forges that automatically turn off when they complete their work, saving fuel.

Added Structures:

  • Glass Metal structures!
  • Thatch Double-Door
  • Wood, Stone, Metal, and Tek-tier dedicated storage, that works with vanilla wireless crafting!
  • Depot Stations, (Stone, Metal, and Tek tiers) which will move items placed in it's inventory into nearby KJ Dedicated Storage boxes!
  • Depot Intake Stations, (Stone Metal and Tek tiers) are large structures that can instantly deposit items into dedicated storage, simply by touching it. Great for Dino depositing!
  • Spoiling Station, used for preserving spoiled meat, and converting other meats into spoiled meat. Operates faster when powered by a generator.
  • A Wooden Fly Trap, which silences flies when attached to the Spoiling Station or the KJ Compost Bin.

Planned Features:

  • Automated Farming tools
  • Automated Storage system
  • Automated Dino-Baby Imprinting
  • Automatic Lights
  • Non-Tek Egg Incubator, with optional threat alarm
  • Curved Foundations & Walls for all structure types
  • Upgrade Station
  • Ingredient pulling from any storage to any crafting location (May not be added. Looking into it...)


You can post bugs or issues here, or on the Discord listed below. Youy'll need to agree to the server terms, and accept the ARK role in Role Selection in order to get to the KJ's ARK Issues channel.

INI Settings

The INI settings, and engram listings, can be found on our Server Config Options page.

Separated Mods

Only want one or two aspects of this mod? I've broken some of the parts out into their own, separate mods. Feel free to piecemeal your exact flavor!


  1. Q: Where are all of the Engrams for your items?
  • A: Variants do not require separate engrams to be enabled; they are a part of their parent engram. So, unlocking the Thatch Foundation will also unlock the KJ Thatch Foundation. It will be only the new and unique items that will require engrams to unlock.
  1. Q: Isn't this just the ____ mod?
  • A: No, but it might have similar functionality. I've been taking inspiration from multiple mods for years now, and I want to impart my own take on it.
  1. Q: Why can't I change the look of the Tek Doors?
  • A: The Tek doors operate differently from all other doors in the game. When their appearance is changed, the doors don't "open", instead becoming immaterial, allowing you to pass right through them. I decided to not allow the appearance change because of this. Now, if I can get the doors to play their open animation when the Tek doors open, I might revisit this decision.
  1. Q: Are you going to add _____ from S+?
  • A: Most likely! I think a lot of Orisonsun's work on the original S+ mod was amazing, and I would love to implement similar functionality in my mod! (Some with a new spin!) However, I am trying to build out my mod in a more performant way, taking as many of the new features ASA is giving us as a starting point for my tech! This is why I implemented lower-tier dedicated storage, so everyone can access wireless crafting as early as possible, and I don't have to build out the old S+ "pulling" system. (At least not yet...)


I have to give a HUGE shout-out to the K.A.S server group. This is my home base for all things ARK, and my mods would not be possible without their support. Visit the K.A.S Discord for more info, and to sometimes see a glimpse of upcoming changes!