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Grapple Plus

Upgrade your Ark Survival experience with a reusable Grapple Hook designed to attach seamlessly to vanilla crossbows. Shoot as far as the eye can see, utilizing the entirety of your render distance. If you can see it, you can grapple to it. Gaia: Grapple opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to explore, ascend, and navigate like never before. Equip your crossbow and venture beyond the horizon with Gaia: Grapple!


  • Reusable Grapple Hook for vanilla crossbows.
  • Shoot as far as the eye can see within the game's render distance.
  • Explore, ascend, and navigate with enhanced versatility.
  • Craftable in your player inventory with 25 metal ingots.
  • Accessible at level 25, coinciding with the unlock level of the vanilla crossbow.

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