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Gaia: Potions

Unlock a world of personalized alchemy with 37 consumable potions, all customizable through our in-game admin-settings UI found in the structure radial wheel of the Gaia: Potions crafting station. This unique feature allows you to tailor aspects of your potions - effects, durations, strength, speed, and more, to perfectly match your playstyle.

Crafted in the Gaia: Potions station, our array of potions offers everything from instant dino taming to healing, sonar vision, and even the ability to summon random dinos. Designed to cater to various character levels, these potions ensure a clutter-free experience by setting minimum character levels for each concoction. Experience the ultimate in potion crafting flexibility and elevate your survival game with Gaia: Potions – where your preferences shape the magic!


  • Craftable potions in the Gaia: Potions station.
  • 37 consumable potions addressing various needs.
  • Comprehensive admin-only UI activated by the structure radial wheel allowing you to control basic global and potion specific settings.
  • Comprehensive granular control over potion properties such as potion duration, usage, multipliers, cooldown, & crafting costs.
  • All potions have a short spoil timer that follows your servers global spoil settings. Store in a fridge or preserving bin for longer timers.
  • Known issues and upcoming changes UI screens that can be updated in real time.
  • Potions allocated to customisable minimum character levels for streamlined integration.
  • Dynamic potion item descriptions based on set values.
  • Craft all potions conveniently in one centralized place.


  • Player Death Potion.
  • Dino Death Potion.
  • Crafting Potion.
  • Famish Potion.
  • Fire Shield Potion.
  • Flying Potion.
  • Freefall Potion.
  • Frog Jump Potion.
  • Gender Change Potion.
  • GillyWeed Potion.
  • Hair Growth Potion.
  • Health Potion (Dino Small).
  • Health Potion (Dino Medium).
  • Health Potion (Dino Large).
  • Health Potion (Player Small).
  • Health Potion (Player Medium).
  • Health Potion (Player Large).
  • Insulation Potion.
  • Mating Interval Potion.
  • Maturation Potion.
  • Pacifying Potion.
  • RodCell Potion.
  • Sedative Potion.
  • Sonar Potion.
  • Speed Potion.
  • Stamina Potion.
  • Stealth Potion.
  • Stimulative Potion.
  • Strength Potion.
  • Stuffed Potion.
  • Summon Potion (Aqua).
  • Summon Potion (Common).
  • Summon Potion (Rare).
  • Taming Potion.
  • Toxic Shield Potion.
  • Weight Potion.
  • XP Potion.

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