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- Welcome to Forglar Map (PC & Console Version )

A new fantasy map with a lot of new stuff and new adventures

  • Map Name: Forglar_WP
  • Mod ID: 935835

You can check the premium version here

- Forglar map Information:

The Forglar Plan has been decided to be in three parts,

  • The first part will include Beach, GreenLand, Crystals, Swamps, Ocean , Redwoods, and some fantasy islands (40% from the map)
  • The second part will include (Snow Biome, Lava Biome, Fantasy Biome, Ocean) (30% from the map)
  • The third part will include (desart Biom, underground city Biom, Ocean ) (30% from the map).

Map Completion: 50%

- Feedback and support:

If you have any feedback, suggestions, bugs, you can submit them via discord Here

- contact us :