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- Welcome to Forglar Map Premium version (PC & Console Version )

New Fantasy map with a lot of new adventures
  • Map Name: Forglar_WP
  • Mod ID: 1009169

- Forglar map premium version Information: Currently, **the map is fully playable. It is 95% completed. (at 11/8/2024, the map will reach 100% completion.)

What's new in premium version : The Full Map (Beach, Greenland, Crystals, Swamps, Ocean , Redwoods , Snow , Lava , Magic Fantasy Biome , Desert Biome, )

  • Full snow biome
  • Desert biome
  • Lava biome
  • Fantasy magic biome
  • Full ocean
  • New Magic dinos
  • New maze cave
  • New artifact caves
  • There are new ruins, temples, and castles to explore
  • Added alphas dinos to the map
  • Added 3 bosses ( Broodmother and Megapithecus and Dragon ) New arenas
  • Added mini bosses ( Golem ) (Note : thylacoleo enabled for teleport ) And Spino mini boss
  • New world mini boss corrupted giga spawn at desert
  • Expanding some areas
  • New wyvern trench area and wyverns eggs
  • More small caves and medium caves
  • A lot of new small caves to build
  • Optimization has been improved
  • All dinos from the other maps
  • And more is here , and more is coming :muscle_tone1:

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