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- Welcome to Forglar Map Premium version (PC & Console Version )

New Fantasy map with a lot of new adventures

Map Name: Forglar_WP Mod ID: 1009169

- Forglar map premium version Information: Currently, the map is still in progress, but it is fully playable. It is 78% completed. (at 17/9/2024, the map will reach 100% completion.)

What's new in premium version :

  • Full snow biome
  • Desert biome
  • New maze cave
  • New artifact caves
  • There are new ruins, temples, and castles to explore
  • Added alphas dinos to the map
  • Added 2 bosses ( Broodmother and Megapithecus ) New arenas
  • Added First mini boss ( Golem ) (Note : thylacoleo enabled for teleport )
  • Expanding some areas
  • More small caves and medium caves
  • A lot of new small caves to build
  • Optimization has been improved a little bit
  • And more is here , and more is coming :muscle_tone1:

Premium Version (Planned Contents )

The Full Map (Beach, Greenland, Crystals, Swamps, Ocean , Redwoods , Snow , Lava , Fantasy Biome , Desert Biome, underground city Biome )

  • New Artifact Caves
  • New Maze Caves system
  • New Small Caves
  • New Explorable Areas and different areas
  • More DLC Content
  • Bosses
  • Custom boss
  • Mini Bosses
  • New custom bosses arena
  • More ways to obtain loot
  • New effects like tornadoes and more..
  • New castles and ruins
  • The futures Content from ark maps
  • A lot of new Assets and a lot of new Future

Next Update : The next update for premium is going to be on 11/6/2024. It will include Lava biome

Difference between Free and Premium version all of this future above will only be available in premium, Free version is going to be more basic, and I'll share more details soon , join discord to follow the news discord Here

- Feedback and support:

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