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Draconic Chronicles is a mod that aims to add more Draconic creatures and structures to the base ark, my aim is to keep all creatures, weapons and structures as balanced as possible.

All spawncodes, mod information and active support can be found in our discord! https://discord.gg/Kx4tg4GUSj If you want to support the mod, you can do so via Paypal or via our Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/ModdingChronicles detailed creature spotlights, go to https://www.youtube.com/@DraconicChroniclesOfficial

If your mod is showing ''invalid'' then uninstall the mod > reboot game > install mod.

Implemented right now:

  • Fire Wyverns on the island map around mountain areas.
  • Lightning Wyverns on the island map around mountain areas.
  • Poison Wyvern on the island map around mountain areas.
  • Polar Dragon on the island, low chance in snow areas.
  • multiple different Draconic Essences which are used to tame wyverns and Draconic creatures.
  • Crystal wyverns on the island around the redwoods.
  • Inferno Wyvern on the island, low chance in the swamps.
  • Rejuvenating Dragon that is a friendly Dragon that spawns on the beach.
  • Sand Dragon that is a friendly Dragon that spawns on the beach and is passive tamed
  • Bloodstorm Dragon that is a very agressive Dragon and spawns on carno island.
  • The Wyrm, a shoulderdragon, that spawns in the redwoods and helps you get around.
  • The Flameforge dragon, A flying miner, that lives near the mountains.
  • The Tidal dragon, A nimble Flyer and Swimmer, which is found in the oceans
  • The Wyvernicorn, A mythical wyvern, very rare and near the mountains.
  • Draconic chibi's of almost every dragon, And an easter-egg chibi!
  • Milk fridge: used to store all milks.
  • Draconic Obsidian Fridge: littlebit smaller, auto locked and can store all items.
  • Draconic Obsidian Vault: smaller and auto locked.
  • Draconic Obsidian Industrial Forge: smaller and auto locked.
  • Draconic Obsidian Fabricator: smaller, auto locked and silent.
  • Draconic Incubator: has the power of 10 air conditioners.
  • Draconic Cauldron: Used to make all kinds of Draconic Essense.
  • Draconic Shrine, all Draconic weapons and structures are crafted here.
  • Draconic Altar: Used for crafting the draconic Chibi's.
  • Draconic conversion crossbow/arrows. turns wyverns into draconic wyverns.
  • Draconic Bone Wyvern Armor Saddle.
  • The new and Improved, Draconic Guide. A structure that will teach you everything you need to know, To master the Dragons!
  • The Draconic Portal, Which Summons a Powerful boss. Make sure your ready if you want to defeat him!

All Wyverns and Dragons except Rejuvenation Dragon and Inferno Wyvern have saddles!

All Wyverns and other dinos are fully breadable and tameable!

the mod is under active development, and being worked on every day.