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Dino Depot

Forget cryos, come play with your Dinoballs!

Dino Depot is programmed to be very very efficient, and highly configurable with over 145 configurable options! Unlike other mods Dinoball data is never modified after capture. Instead, math is done on release to determine the proper state of the Dino. We also don't use sphere overlap actor searching which is noticeably slower and less efficient than collision overlaps, this means there's never a missed baby! As if it couldn't get better, Dinoballs use actual game physics to determine capture and release locations, Cryopods use clunky traces that just don't feel right.


  • Dynamic Display: Dinoballs showcase the contained creature with vivid, dynamic textures.
  • Comprehensive Information: A custom tooltip provides detailed status values and other relevant information about the creature inside.
  • Item Transfer on Capture: When configured correctly, Dino Depot will transfer items from the targeted creature to the player, streamlining inventory management within the Ark world.
  • Structure Pickup on Capture: When configured correctly, Dino Depot enables pickup of structures from platform saddles.
  • Dino Digitizer: Consumes Dinoballs or crystal to capture targeted creatures, converting them into more manageable Dinoballs.
  • Depot Terminal: Offers newborn auto-capture, tribute inventory, fully configurable passive production, unfertilized egg generation, an intuitive advanced search, kill creatures in the terminal, and more!
  • Dino Passive Generation: Per-structure toggleable, highly configurable, passive generation for dinos in terminals.
  • unfertilized Egg Production: Fully configurable unfertilized egg production.
  • Advanced Search: Terminals now offer an improved searching experience for stored creatures!
  • Client Preferences: Clients can choose for themselves how they want the mod to behave (within server configured bounds).
  • Admin Recovery: Any creature captured by a player will have it's data stored in a backup that can be restored from at any time.
Future Updates::
  • Full-Fledged UI Configuration: Customize and manage your Dinoball collection through an intuitive user interface.
  • Cluster Storage Terminals: Access your Dinoball collection across an entire Ark cluster with specialized storage terminals.

Dino Depot is continually evolving, promising to bring even more innovation and functionality to your Ark adventure.

SpawnDinoInBall ScriptCommand

This is a rather complex and highly flexible command that can be used to place an exact dino in the inventory of a target player (even over RCON!). It's recommended to use the Command Builder available here:


The full set of configuration options can be found here:

Dino Depot offers near-complete configuration control with over 145 configurable options.

Take control of baby aging, imprinting, stat regen rates, passive production, mating cooldowns, admin bypasses, Buffs given on dino release, where creatures can be released, how they get captured, which creatures can be captured, tooltip update frequency, and SO much more!