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Meet the Magna Gecko:

The star of the show is the Magna Gecko, a magnificent prehistoric gecko that roams the terrain in an array of dazzling colors. These charming creatures not only serve as captivating companions but also possess the ability to be picked up for a more hands-on interaction. It is fairly large, almost the same size as the ark character when laying side by side! It comes in over 100000000 different colour combinations and can be found in forests and on the beach. This gentle creature is a passive tame, and is tamed with Mashed Bugs which can be crafted in the mortar and pestle! Once tamed, the little guys love to eat berries! If injured by a dinosaur, the gecko will drop its tail, leap and run away in hopes that it can get to safety, but this isn't the case all the time. Over 10 minutes, the geckos wound will scar and the tail will proceed to grow back, giving a fairly interesting look when you initially see it poking out! Magna Geckos can also be bred allowing for an army of them to be by your side!

Magna Gecko Abilities

The Magna Gecko's main use, besides being an amazing pet, is that its tail can be used to lure all sorts of creatures! The second way to obtain the tail which was not spoken about above is if you have a metal hatchet and hit your gecko, you can slice it off, and every ten minutes it will regrow, making for an amazing farm to aid with trapping and taming other dinos!

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