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A revival of my very first Ark Evolved mod because who doesn't like colossal scorpions, right?

Change Log

2024-05-22: I've cooked up a fresh version with no further changes that'll hopefully resolve all the crashes Wildcard recently introduced with their patch.

2024-04-08: A small hotfix to counter a new dev kit mechanic introduced by the carts - Platform damage was being forwarded to the scorpion, meaning it took 2-4k hits from rexes and similarly sized creatures. This has now been resolved.

2024-04-04: Scorched Earth support has been added! They will spawn in the dunes surrounding the map, as that seemed the most appropriate area. Should be easy enough to spot!

2024-02-20: A small update that adds some INI configuration options to enable/disable breeding and set a damage multiplier (0.1-1.0) for the global damage of our favourite scorpions. You can add these settings to your GameUserSettings.ini, with the below being the defaults.


2024-01-10: I just approved an update that will change the following;

  • Now prefers Exceptional Kibble, matching its size
  • No longer as easy to tame as a standard scorpion (made it similar to a Rex)
  • Loot from harvesting increased, so if you do decide to kill one it'll give a much higher amount of chitin
    I also looked into the grab mechanism but having the Colossuscorpius continue holding the creature if you get off the saddle is something you only really see with the Argentavis' beak. That bit of code is a very dirty hack inside the dev kit so I've decided not to implement it.


These colossal scorpions are breedable and give live birth, like proper scorpions do on our own little mudball. They're found in both the mountains and the infamous Monster Island zones.

Abilities: Left-click attacks with pincers, right-click with the tail. The latter provides a high amount of torpor-inducing damage but requires a fair bit of stamina to use.

Pressing C (or your console equivalent of the third attack button) will allow you to grab creatures and carry them around.

Taming: Just like their smaller brethren these are simple knockout tames, with a strong preference for spoiled meat.

Saddles: Two saddles are included - A basic and a platform saddle, which supports 1x2 foundations. Great for a tiny house!

Admin spawn codes:

- Spawn Colossuscorpius (Tamed, level 150) - cheat gmsummon "Colossuscorpius_Character_BP_C" 150
- Spawn Colossuscorpius (Wild, level 150) - cheat SpawnDino “Blueprint'/Colossuscorpius/Colossuscorpius/Colossuscorpius_Character_BP.Colossuscorpius_Character_BP'” 0 600 0 150

- Colossuscorpius Saddle (Basic) - cheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_ColossuscorpiusSaddle 1 1 0
- Colossuscorpius Saddle (Platform) - cheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_ColossuscorpiusSaddle_Platform 1 1 0

Blueprint Paths