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Meraxes Vastator is back and its angrier then ever. New look,better animations,better sounds and new funtions.

Left mouse button - normal bite Right mouse button - directional stomp attacks(left and right) During Rage mode the move set of the right click changes Foward RMB - combo attack on the first hit it can propel smaller dinos into the air then it swings its tail with high knockback Left/Right MB - from a single stomp it does a triple stomp Back RMB - double tail slam attack

C key - will trigger a healing buff that will quickly consume food but with each successful BITE ATTACK only it gains 10% health equal to the damage dealt

RCTRL - cosmetic roar

To enter RAGE MODE you have to take damage like the giga. While its filling the bar you will do more damage to a max of 15% until its full then you will also have a 15% damage reduction aswell.

Taming method is similar to the ASE version..just let him eat your tamed baby dinos(Best are Carcha,giga,spino,yuty,rex). And they MUST be on NEUTRAL to actually gain taming affinity. You can find the saddle in loot creates(5% in yellow drops with ring and 10% in all of the red drops)

You have to lvl 75 to unlock the saddle and can be crafted in you inventory. Has weight reduction on Hide, Chitin, Keratin(50%) and pelt(75%).

Spawn code:

Normal version:

cheat spawnactortamed "Blueprint'/MeraxesTLC/MeraxesTLC/MeraxesBA_Character_BP.MeraxesBA_Character_BP'" 500 0 0

cheat gmsummon "MeraxesBA_Character_BP_C" 150

Scorched version:

cheat spawnactortamed "Blueprint'/MeraxesTLC/MeraxesTLC/Variants/SE/ScorchedMeraxesBA_Character_BP.ScorchedMeraxesBA_Character_BP_C'" 500 0 0

cheat gmsummon "ScorchedMeraxesBA_Character_BP_C" 150

Saddle code: cheat giveitem "/MeraxesTLC/MeraxesTLC/Saddle/PrimalItemArmor_Meraxes_Saddle.PrimalItemArmor_Meraxes_Saddle" 1 0 0 false


Huge to all of my friends from the modding evolved server

-to Garuga123 on animation advice

-to my good friend Nick help me on coding

-to Moronada also for some coding

-to LiliumMusic for giving me the permission using the roar sound for Meraxes- https://youtu.be/EvNpRhcWL0g?si=gXN5Blt3c5cJx0kK

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