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Auto Fishery

Craft a clam for exclusive underwater resource harvesting. From Oil to Black Pearls, unlock a treasure trove of essentials. Activate production via the radial menu, but beware - aggressive aquatic defenders rise!


  • Craftable clam for underwater resource harvesting.
  • Produces resources: Oil, Black Pearls, Silica Pearls, Angler Gel, Leech Blood, and Ammonite Blood.
  • Resource production activated via the radial menu.
  • Aggressive aquatic defenders spawn when resource production is activated.
  • Enable/disable passive creature generation.
  • INI configurable production quantity & interval.

INI Settings:

  • [GaiaFishery]
  • ProductionQuantity=1
  • ProductionInterval=1800
  • DisableFishSpawns=true/false

Upcoming Features:

  • Admin-only user interface.
  • Choose which resources are produced.

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