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Auto Crop Plot

Plant without limits with the Auto Crop Plot. Enjoy infinite water and fertilizer, automatic greenhouse effect, and a whopping 3x crop yield! Snap it seamlessly to foundations or itself for a perfect, efficient farm.


  • Crop plot that never runs out of water or fertilizer when activated via the MU/radial menu.
  • Custom Tilling INI allowing you to control tilling yield and growth bonuses.
  • Increased tilling yield bonuses up to 100%.
  • Increased tilling growth rate bonuses up to 100%.
  • Naturally produces greenhouse effect when placed.
  • 2x crop yield compared to vanilla plots.
  • Increased rain production and water gain rates.
  • Freely places and rotates, snaps on foundations, or stacks to itself.

INI Options:

  • [GaiaCropPlot]
  • TilledMaximumCount=10
  • TilledBonusYieldMultiplierAtOneTill=0.1 (0.1 = 10%)
  • TilledBonusYieldMultiplierAtMaxTill=1 (1 = 100%)
  • TilledBonusGrowthRateMultiplierAtOneTill=0.1 (0.1 = 10%)
  • TilledBonusGrowthRateMultiplierAtMaxTill=1 (1 = 100%)

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