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Arkitect Structures Remastered is a spiritual successor to my ASE structure mod called Arkitect Structures: Core. Like AS:C, this will be a pure structure mod. No fancy automated collectors, mutators, etc. Besides the automatic doors, the structure gun, and the paint sprayer, I have no plans to add anything other than basic building parts. For more information, including troubleshooting for common issues related to mod file corruption, go here: https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/arkitect-structures-remastered/pages/asr-main

Arkitect Structures Remastered is an "expanded vanilla" structure mod. It adds new structure parts such as steep and shallow roofs, and new cosmetic variants. In some cases it adds new snap points like stacking foundations and new functionality like automatic doors. For a full list of everything I've added so far, visit the Change Notes page here: https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/arkitect-structures-remastered/pages/change-notes

You can also see some of the features on the Images page, or watch this video from Songbird covering her favorite 10 features of ASR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJy-FBBYC4o


Latest Updates
Update 7.1 (Version 73)
  • Added Thagomizer Cresting variant to flat and diagonal Wood pillars


  • Fixed issue with Wood Triangle Roof Cap variants
  • Potential fix for translation bug with Glass Menu when game is set to another language besides English
  • Fixed various item name and description errors with the new Rake and Roof Cap items
  • Fixed crafting costs on some of the Adobe Glass items
Update 7 (Version 70)
  • Added Roof Caps for several structure tiers including Wood, Stone, Adobe, Metal, and Tek. Roof Caps have a collection of shapes meant to cap off your roofs when they are an odd-numbered width, but they can be used for decorative purposes as well. They can be flipped into inverted shapes with E. There are Square Roof Caps and Triangle Roof Caps, available for all 3 roof slopes. Found on new "Roof Cap" items.
  • Added Roof Rakes and Eaves. These are for adding side and bottom overhangs to your roofs. Available for all 3 roof slopes. Found on new "Rake" items. Most Eaves can be flipped left and right. Remember that.
  • Added Gable Peaks to the Gable (sloped wall) items. These fit into the ends of roof caps.
  • Added Adobe Glass Tier.
  • Added a variety of “secret trap doors”. Secret Cellar Door, Secret Trap Door, and Secret 2x2 Cellar Door. The first two are 1x1. In addition to the normal ASR door options they can also be set to Auto Open for Enemies Only.
  • Added Diagonal Half Pillars. Found on Half Pillar items.
  • Added Quarter Foundations. Also added snap points so they can stack. Found on Triangle Foundations.
  • Added Spiral Stairs, Half Stairs, Staircases, and Quarter Stairs. All of these are found on the normal-sloped Square Roof items.
  • Added “Scute Shingles” cosmetic variant onto ASR Wood tier roofs. The shingles are Stegosaurus back plates aka Scutes. They also kinda resemble dragon scales.
  • Added Roof Cresting variants to the Wood and Metal tier horizontal and diagonal pillars. These variants have decorative bits on the top edge for adding some flare to your roof tops.
  • Added a Palisade wall variant to the Wood tier wall and quarter wall.


  • Potentially fixed fast-decay problem on ASR behemoth wall parts.
  • Increased build radius of Behemoth Intersections and 2x8 parts to match the behemoth gateways and 8x8 walls.
  • Fixed window panes not contributing to the home buff.
  • Added missing “Borderless” variants to the Metal Glass tier sloped walls.
  • Full foundations can build up and down sloped terrain more easily now.
  • Full foundations can be raised higher when adjusting height in placement mode.
  • Renamed Sloped Walls to Gables
  • Added “Alternate” variants to shallow wood gables.
  • Fixed potential bug with Lattice Diagonal glass style.
  • Fixed missing icons for Adobe corner roofs.
  • Doors and window panes can clip into terrain now.
  • Tweaked fence foundations and fence supports so they will count as foundation support for ceilings, roofs, etc instead of only walls.
  • Improved snapping for diagonal pillars. Can snap to more stuff now.
  • Adjusted health of Thatch Window Frame.
  • Fixed various snap bugs.
  • Fixed bug with Paint Sprayer’s batch mode.

Known Issues:

  • Wood Triangle Ridge roof caps show grey models when switching cosmetic variants. I've already fixed it and it will be in the next update.
  • Full size ceilings and foundations won’t snap to 2 sides of the quarter foundations. It’s like this for vanilla parts as well. I’ll fix it in the next big update.
  • Flat pillars will not snap directly to the tops of roof caps without workarounds. They will not snap at all to the top of Triangle Ridge roof caps because I haven’t set that up yet.


All ASR Structure parts except the Tek tier are crafted in the ASR Crafting Bench, which can be unlocked at level 4.
The vanilla Tek Replicator can craft all ASR parts including Tek tier.
Each Tier (Thatch, Wood, Stone, Greenhouse, Metal, Tek) is learned with a single engram. So if you learn the "Metal Tek Tier" engram, you learn all the metal parts.

INI options for ASR go inside the GameUserSettings.ini file under the header: [ArkitectStructuresRemastered].

You can find all INI setting including explanations on the ASR pages on Curseforge: https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/arkitect-structures-remastered/pages/ini-settings

More INI options, parts, snap points, and features are planned. If you want an idea of what to look forward to, go look up Arkitect Structures: Core on the Steam Workshop.

If you are looking for Spawn Codes used, there is a page on CurseForge: https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/arkitect-structures-remastered/pages/spawn-codes


A word on the new Item “R menu” versus classic structure variants:

The new "R menu" system is not the same as the variant system that existed in ASE (and continues to exist in ASA). When you press “R” to cycle through parts you are actually choosing completely separate structure parts, that have different snaps and everything. I don't typically use it for simple cosmetic changes.

The actual structure variant system in contrast is better for cosmetic changes, like pillar thickness, roof styles, etc. An example of a good use for the Structure Variant system is the Scute Shingles variant on ASR wood roofs. You can't change a part selected from an Item's R menu after you've placed it, but structure variants can be chosen both during and after you have placed a structure part. Variants can also be changed using the structure gun.


I like to create new structure shapes that will enable my fellow Ark building enthusiasts to build things not possible with the base game, and bring quality of life changes to the building experience. There are still more parts that will be added to this mod over time, including triangle thatch parts, steep and shallow thatch roofs, more gateway/gate sizes, and more.

HUGE THANKS to my dedicated Testers: Eryn, Junoblade, Red Mustang, and Mythic_Kit! Y'all help more than you know!

Also thanks to Orionsun and the modding discord for helping me make sense of the new devkit and Curseforge mod system!

And as always, thanks to Eddychomps and MrRadioactiv for their help with materials!