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Primal Chaos

Primal Chaos (PC) draws inspiration from Ark Survival Evolved mods such as Ark Supreme, PrimalFear ETC, while offering its own unique take on different features.

This overhaul will introduce a wide range of tiers and Bosses that will feature distinct progression with taming, structures, weapons, armor, and tools.

There will also be a variety of bosses for an expansive endgame experience. PrimalChaos will significantly intensify the challenges in your world, so brace yourself!


Currently available:

1. Beta Tier (Adds 100+ Variants of betas)

2. Alpha tier (Adds 100+ Variants of alphas)

3. Elemental Tier

  • Hydro
  • Electric
  • volcanic


  • Hydro Guardian
  • Electric Guardian
  • Volcanic Guardian

Fight these to unlock the next tier!

4. Advanced Elemental Tier

  • Shadow
  • Fairy

5.Mythic & Legendary Tier


  • Primal Resurrected Carno
  • Primal Resurrected giga
  • Primal Resurrected Raptor
  • Primal Resurrected Rex
  • Primal Resurrected Bronto
  • Primal Resurrected Stego
  • Primal Resurrected Trike
  • Primal Resurrected Wyvern

6.Demonic & Angelic Tier


  • Nightmare Dodoreaper
  • Nightmare Carno
  • Nightmare Spino
  • Nightmare Trike
  • Nightmare Raptor
  • Nightmare Yuty
  • Nightmare Rex


  1. First Endgame BOSS (Nightmare DeathKnight)

  2. Second Endgame BOSSES (Demonic&Angelic Bosses) [Coming Soon]

  • Many more endgame bosses AND tameable tiers will be added in the future!


  • Primal Chaos is a WIP mod. Please give me feedback on anything. More Content will be added and tweaks will be made over time.

  • Primal Chaos is a MASSIVE content-packed dino overhaul! When choosing maps, make sure to properly test the map to see if everything spawns! A big overhaul like this will need a big map with proper working spawns.

  • Primal chaos is balanced around level 150


  • Feel free to visit our Discord community!

To provide suggestions or offer general feedback on ways to enhance the mod!

Or if you need information! This discord is full of information or helpfull people/staff that answer your questions!