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ASE's biggest overhaul is now on ASA!

Ark Omega is a mod like no other, providing procedural edits to creatures, players, items, and more. Well over 1000 versions of every creature exist in this mod, with abilities that range from being able to create black holes that pull in enemies to being able to create a protective bubble that redirects all incoming damage done to allies directly to the spell caster / tank.

This mod also introduces ARPG and MMORPG elements to Ark, such as: Set Items, Unique Items, Legendary items, and many other procedurally generated items that offer near infinite combinations. You will go into boss fights using teams that are reminiscent of MMO battles, utilizing combinations of: tanks, healers, DPS, and support. There are multiple quest systems, both for player-completed quests that give item rewards, and tame-completed quests that offer instant upgrades. Every tame has lengthy upgrades paths, with well over 100 variants and stat tiers, as well as Paragon upgrades that act as permanent base stat multipliers when applied to your tames. Players can imbue their gear with stat bonuses and resistances and complete quests to increase their player rank to take on the mod's daunting list of bosses entirely on foot if they wish to do so! Even with all of these changes, it still very much embodies the spirit of Ark, leaving the game intact enough for you to be able to jump right in and enjoy!

It should be noted that Ark Omega is a mod that uses exponential gain for the strength of your players and your tames and is NOT a vanilla-balanced mod. With very few arbitrary stat multipliers, the balance is able to be kept in check with simple math. This does however mean that this mod may introduce you to creatures with extreme stats and combat mechanics. While you will start of weak and vulnerable, the strength of your players and of your tames will progress at an exponential rate to allow you to progress through things you previously thought impossible.

A full playthrough of Ark Omega Ascended can be expected to take as much as 1-6 months based on playstyle. Exploring all of the content is impossible, offering nearly infinite replay value. While the mod is still very early on in the development cycle, expect frequent and extensive updates!

Ark Omega is such as extensive overhaul that it is not recommended to use with any other creature mods, as the mod's complex web of damage checks, weakness/strength systems, and dynamic item drop systems may be overridden or stop working entirely. Ark Omega is also balanced around entirely vanilla settings, with nothing changed. You can change any setting you wish, but keep in mind that it may have an impact on the balance and your experience.

The following mods were a part of Ark Omega in ASE but were split off into separate projects for ASA. They pair well with Ark Omega Ascended, but are not required:
Omega Dino Storage
Omega Teleporters

For best compatibility with Ark Omega Ascended's dynamically edited taming requirements, I would recommend using:
Nanoh's Spyglass

Mods that are considered incompatible:
-Any mod that edits the HUD.
-Any mod that edits creatures, or adds them.
-Custom Dino Levels.
-Der Dino Finder. (It causes almost unplayable lag).

For questions, help, suggestions, an update roadmap, and more, the best place is the discord!
Hexen's Mods