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Simple and beautiful ocean platforms with low impact on FPS.

Now compatible with consoles!

Available in 5 ways to help the player, with placement snap:

  • Common: Shape of the classic oceanic platform
  • Closed: An ocean platform with a lid
  • Cage: Contains a submerged cage for your aquatic dinosaurs, supports behemoth gates
  • Wood: Made from wood, it has the same dimensions as the normal one and a unique look.
  • Wood closed: An wood ocean platform with a lid
  • Grass: It looks like a giant crop that floats on the water, a mix of metal and wood with grass on the surface.


  • Floating foundations thath, wood, stone, metal, crystal and tek
  • Floating tri-foundations wood, stone, metal and tek

Note 1: "ALFA" is just the name, ok? This mod is ready for use, the name is only by the name of the server (BR) to which I am part LOL 🤣🤣🤣

Note 2: As of update 23, the platform support distance has become dynamic, configurable through .INI, which even allows you to remove support for constructions external to the platforms. PvP servers can do this via "AlfaOceanicPlatformAllowPvPExtraSupportDistance=FALSE" which is equivalent to "AlfaOceanicPlatformAddSupportDistance=0"

Note 3: Still on the new dynamic construction support, foundations placed on ocean platforms will not receive this extra distance automatically, it is necessary to access the platforms' radial menu and choose the option that extends the support of nearby foundations. Anyone covering platforms with ceilings should not go through this, but they may receive the "no support" message when they are on 2 ocean platforms, but it is enough for a ceiling on one platform to fit into another on another platform for the game to understand all as a single ocean platform.


Spawn codes

Server Settings

For servers: How to block all floatings foundations