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Admin Commands

Elevate your admin experience with an exclusive admin-only consumable. This powerful consumable triggers an intuitive admin UI panel, simplifying the configuration and execution of an extensive array of admin and server commands. From spawning dinos, both wild and tamed, creating item blueprints, and summoning resources to controlling server settings and managing player controls—the possibilities are vast.


  • Un-craftable consumable tailored for server administrators when consumed via your hotbar.
  • Activates a user-friendly admin UI panel for streamlined command execution.
  • Covers a diverse range of admin and server commands.
  • Exclusive access to authorized personnel.
  • Admin consumable spawn command: Cheat GFI GaiaCommands 1 0 0.

Upcoming Features:

  • Additional spawn commands.
  • Additional world commands.
  • Integration of all player and tribe functions into the new player/tribe page.
  • Expansion of the dino spawn command to edit stats and colour on spawn.
  • Addition of a dino colouring option.

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