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Ever wondered what Among Us would look like if demons made it? Fortunately for you, this mod came straight from hell to fulfill your mightiest desires. This mod is a maven of agonizing players with exacerbated tasks and other aggravating changes.


Made by Devs Us

Join our Discord to play with others: https://discord.gg/dccRRY8dcR 



  • Download the zip file.
  • Go to the location of your Among Us folder and copy the folder to an easily accessible location (such as the documents folder).
    • If you bought Among Us through Steam, open Steam and locate Among Us in your library, select properties then local files.
    • If you bought Among Us through Epic Games, open file explorer, navigate to Program Files, find Among Us.
  • Move the folder Cursed Among Us folder's contents to the new Among Us folder.


Demo Gameplay 




All Changes:

  • Tasks
    • Card Slide
    • Divert Power
    • Fix Wiring
    • Leaf
    • Medbay Scan
    • Unlock Manifold
    • Upload Data
    • Vent Cleaning
    • Weapons
  • Others
    • Colors
    • Blocked Words
    • Auto vent


If you have any feedback regarding the game, please contact us by joining theDiscord server or by creating an issue on this GitHub repository. We are not bothered by any inquiries made in good-faith.


The Ideal Suggestion:

  • Makes the game harder.
  • Shouldn't be too noticeable except if the player has to stumble on it. (for example: make players upside down!)
  • If it's a task:
    • Take about 1-2 minutes to complete with and without knowledge of changes.
    • Shouldn't be too generic (for example: 40 asteroids for the task!).
  • Not noticeable for anyone without mod (for example: crewmates can vent!).
  • Shouldn't conflict with something already implemented.

If your suggestion conflicts with any of these, you are still invited to send your suggestion!


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