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 This mod adds 28 new roles and uses the CrowdedRoles api with some modifications, Check the github wiki for more detail, The roles that this mod currently adds are 

Shapeshifter - Impostor Role - Can kill a crewmate and become them

Curser - Impostor Role - Can curse a crewmate so that when that player is near another crewmate the cursed crewmate is forced to kill that crewmate nearby 

Detective - Crewmate Role - Can press a button and if they stay near a player for 10 seconds then the detective knows their role, Also knows the helper from the start 

Helper - Crewmate Role - Helps the detective by pressing a button and if they stay near a player for 20 seconds then the helper knows their role, Also knows the detective from the start 

Disappearer - Impostor Role - Can kill a crewmate without leaving a body behind using a special button 

Electrician - Crewmate Role - Can vent and electrocute any player to freeze them in place for 7 seconds 

Jester - Neutral Role - Can vent and wins when ejected 

Protector - Crewmate Role - Can protect a specific player but if that player dies the protector dies and the protected player is brought back to life 

Revenger - Crewmate Role - As a ghost can stun players, Disable the kill button for impostors, and teleport a specific person to a specific player 

Teleporter - Crewmate Role - Can select someone then after 25 seconds will be teleported to them 

Tracker - Crewmate Role - Can select someone then the trackers camera will follow the tracked player instead of the tracker for 15 seconds 

Blinder - Impostor Role - Can blind a crewmate and make them unable to report bodies for 15 seconds but takes 5 seconds to blind 

Engineer - Impostor Role - Can place vents 

Sherriff - Crewmate Role - Can kill a player but if he kills a crewmate he dies instead 

Doctor - Crewmate Role - Can revive dead bodies but has to stand near the dead body for 35 seconds

Vampire - Impostor Role - Every time the Vampire kills, his max kill cooldown goes down by 2 capping at a minimum of 4

Shrinker - Crewmate Role - Can shrink and when shrunken can move faster

Reflector - Crewmate Role - Can active a reflection shield and if the reflector dies while its active the killer dies instead

Troll - Neutral Role - Can slow everyone and make a player teleport back to where they were after 7 seconds

Reverse Jester - Crewmate Role - The impostors win when he is voted out

Hacker - Crewmate Role - Can see where everyone is by arrows for 20 seconds

Vent Seer - Suggested by balloplayz on the discord server - Crewmate Role - When inside a vent can see others inside of vents

Ninja - Crewmate Role - Can go invisible and kill people without punishment but is advised to kill impostor

Seer - Crewmate Role - Can see ghosts but can not see their messages

Survivor - Crewmate Role - If the impostors win by kill and the survivor is still alive, the survivor wins

Viewer - Crewmate Role - Can see everywhere on his screen without shadows

Body Finder - Crewmate Role - Can press a button and every body that was there when the button was pressed will have an arrow pointing to it for 15 seconds

Swapper - Crewmate Role - Can press a button to swap bodies with a random person for 15 seconds

You can join our discord server where you can suggest roles, ask people to join your game, see sneak peaks and get installation instructions is at to be able to talk in the channels you will have to react in the rules channel

Do not enter freeplay, this mod is focused to work in online/local so i will not be fixing any bugs you find in freeplay

Also the localhost region will only connect you to a server hosted on your pc


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