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A simple software that has everything from installing a mod to adding your own.

Do you wanted to play among us mods but didn't had the best tutorial but this software come with the finest tutorial with written text and screenshots in a way anyone can easily follow them. Not just installing Mods, it also has a long guide on adding your very own Hat and Skin to Among Us yourself with no coding experience. The Software also has the top 5 among us mods listed in.


Stuff included in the software


  • Installing a Mod
  • Top 5 Mods
  • Mod Manger Guide
  • Impostor Server Guide
  • How to add custom Hats (without coding)
  • How to add custom Skins (without coding)

Cursed Among Us

Supported OS


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux



If you have any feedback regarding the software, this may include:

  • Suggestions
  • Support
  • Inquiries

Please contact us by joining the  Discord server.