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All The Roles 0.11.9 Beta is a mod for Among Us which adds many new Roles, new Game Modes, new Map Settings, new Colours, new Custom Hats, Visors & Nameplates to the game.

Compatible with Among Us version: 2023.11.28

  • 6 Game Modes: Vanilla, Classic, Draft, All Any, Killing Only, Hide And Seek
  • 22 Imposter Roles including Scorpion, Vampire, Necromancer & Possessor
  • 22 Crewmate Roles including Bodyguard, Tank, Priest & Vigilante
  • 24 Neutral Roles including Pelican, Joker, Famine & Poltergeist
  • 25 Modifiers including Confuse, Ruthless, Professional & Indomitable
  • 24 new Colours including Mint, Plum, Navy & Darkness
  • Extra settings including Stream Snipe Prevention, Random Maps, Better Polus & Last Game First Kill Shield Protection

For more details check out the github: All The Roles

Or join us on discord: Discord