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update patch for improved trains

Disclaimer - This project was transferred with no original owner. If you claim this project as your own, and can provide sufficient proof of that, please contact us via this form. https://forms.monday.com/forms/52cb329380

This patch update the mod Improved trains v3.8 to version 1.43.1
Patch make the mod fully compatible with a new version of the game.

Please install this patch directly above the mod Improved trains v3.8 (with replacing previous version “update patch for 1.42 or 1.43.0x older versions”).

patch are locked for version 1.43 and cannot be used in other versions of the game.
Compatible with Convoy mode (no errors in log) but trains will be disappearing near the players (in solo mode trains don’t disappearing near)

Changes in version 1.43.1
updated for release version 1/43/1/0s
add more traffic for g_traffic 1.0 value (because traffic decreased with longer trains)
renamed trains definition files for compatibility with ingame new file names structure in 1.43
Add more BNSF es44 and UP sd40 painted locomotives
changed paths for some textures to match with their new location in game folders
the possibility of the appearance of steam locomotives on third-party maps is open (coast 2 coast and the like)
general optimization and fewer performance drops