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Disclaimer - This project was transferred with no original owner. If you claim this project as your own, and can provide sufficient proof of that, please contact us via this form. https://forms.monday.com/forms/52cb329380

My preset comes in eight versions more or less expensive in terms of GPU load, four based on standard shaders and the others including raytracing. As mentioned, presets using raytracing require RTGI shader which is obviously not included, so you need to Google it and get it via Pascal Gilcher’s Patreon subscription in order to use it with my preset.

In any case RealLife preset can reach a really high realism even without RTGI, if you don’t want to go with it.

There are no know issues, except that sometimes at midday until 2-3pm if you are driving white concrete roads, textures and interior camera may suffer for over brightness/exposure issues due to incorrect balance in the game itself. I added an EyeAdaption shader in my stack which automatically reduces camera exposure and in most cases avoids that textures get burned, together with other parameters working on blacks/whites, but sometimes it still may happen.
I keep working on this point and try to improve it even more.

If you see AO or RTGI flickering, please make sure you are using the right ZBuffer in the D3D11 tab of reshade, and lock it (usually check the one using your current resolution). ATS sometimes for unknown reasons switches to a different depth buffer causing this issues. Once you lock the right depth buffer, than you are good to go. It’s an ATS issues not related to ReShade or my preset. You can also check easily the current zbuffer turning on the DiplayDepth shader. Also make sure to set zbuffer upside down parameter to 1 in the global ReShade preprocessor parameters. For other unknow reasons, zbuffer in game is upside down. How to set this things is showed in detail in the instructions PDF that comes with my package. Make sure to read it if you are not used to ReShade.

Being developed over the vanilla game using default lighting and color palette, is recommended to disable any other graphics/weather mod which affect in some way lighting and colors.