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advance b train tanker r

Disclaimer - This project was transferred with no original owner. If you claim this project as your own, and can provide sufficient proof of that, please contact us via this form. https://forms.monday.com/forms/52cb329380

(+many new companies, full load board, e.g.)

IMPORTANT before mounting/exchanging mod:
Sell all Advance B-Train if you have some already.
End Advance B-Train or other cargo jobs if there are any.
Unmount existing Advance B-Train mod, if there is already one.

This mod changes content of game and updates navigation!
Other method’s on your own risk. No Backup, no compassion.

V 1.4r

– added cargo to avoid dead-end, one-way tours into regions
without a backload and to increase the amount of
truck loads in general for this trailer.
You get a full load board now.
– changed much too small alcoa chrome wheels to scs standard wheels,
better use smarty’s or alcoa wheel pack instead for chrome alcoa’s
– again added many new SCS ingame companies

V 1.3 r
– added new SCS companies, sea-ports, mines, …
– fixed a mismatch of values for weight/capacity/mass,
which did not fit to the parameters intended by SCS
– fine tuning of trailer-lights with Blender

V 1.2 r
– added missing wheel particles on all wheels (e. g. rain, dust)
– added missing trailer brace sound
– fixed some errors of the 3d model in general (blender work)

V 1.1r
– reverted weight to original values, some misplaced
files destroyed the planned results.

V 1.0r
– Adapted light system to new SCS standards
– planned to fine tune cargo weight (did go wrong)