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The last thing you can predict are the actions of an individual other than yourself, and even then you can't be certain on whether or not you'll change your mind.

My concern here, mainly, is the structure of the standard URL for a mod's overview page. I'll use XACT for this since it was the first one I saw when looking for an example. Currently, mod page URLs look like the following:

This structure is an issue because it doesn't seem to ask or assume any "What if"s.

"What if the mod author decides to change their mod's name?"
Does the URL for that mod change with it? Does the previous URL become unusable?

"What of someone else makes a mod of the same name?"
If you don't know, this is VERY common in the MC Modding community. How does CurseForge deal with this? Not all of them will be copies of one another, even if the differences are only minute.

I propose a URL structure similar to that of forums. Something along the lines of this:**
Each mod in the minecraft.curseforge mc-mods section should generate a non-reusable number before the mod's name, where only the number is actually important in the URL.

Being someone who sees and deals with a LOT of mods, I feel that you will come to see tons of them with the same name. Whether they be picked up by someone else when the original author has discontinued it, or if it's an overly-simplified name. I'm certain this will be an issue somewhere down the line, and dealing with it is quite difficult to do without stepping on peoples' toes unjustly.

I hope to see this be taken into consideration. It'd make the sharing of mod links less problematic.

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  • Avatar of prencher prencher Jul 06, 2013 at 20:19 UTC - 0 likes

    This ticket tracker is for bugs, not for features.

    That said, while we won't be changing this any time soon, if we revisit site structure, we will be using ids as the identifying part of the urls, not just slugs.

  • Avatar of ZeroLevels ZeroLevels Jun 24, 2013 at 22:38 UTC - 0 likes

    @fabricator77: Go That happens regardless, due to the amount of bots they have go around and spam their sites for them, and due to the fact that, having no shame, they will say the mod is updated for a new Minecraft version when it isn't.

    Search engines are already compromised by my first point. The ones that people click on the most end up being the top. Also, search engines rarely take URL into consideration over content.

    Also, MCF already does exactly what I'm proposing (mostly because it's a forum, but for the same reasons as I've stated).

  • Avatar of fabricator77 fabricator77 Jun 24, 2013 at 22:04 UTC - 0 likes

    I disagree, random numbers as part of a folder name is a lot less search engine friendly. End result is the 'fake' mod sites can outrank the legit down page/MCF thread.



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