3381 - Can't register or login to forums

This is all on Safari on OSX.  I tried it under Firefox and did not have these issues.  Unfortunately had already tried all the below and written this up first, but am reporting it for your info, and because I'd really like to use my normal browser.

I tried to post in the forums.  Was told I need to login, though I was logged in to the curse/curseforge site itself.  I assumed it therefore required a separate login.  At this point, things start going pretty sideways.  I try:

Click on the login button at the top right of the page.  It refreshed the page without doing anything else.  The login button still says login.  I still can't post.

Click on register button on top right, just to the right of the login button I just mentioned.  I go to a register page, though makes me nervous since the url now says instead of, and shows the curseforge top  header with the "Hi Tokotsi" message (since I'm already logged in to the actual non-forum site).  I give it a shot anyway and try registering, at which point it tells me username already in use.  If I go back to the page and click "Members List" and scroll (well, manually binary search - lots of T's!) through all the T's, I find  no Tokotsi listed in the alphabetical list, page 100something.

Ok, trying differently, I try clicking the register button on the forums links underneath the "CurseForge Forums" section - the bar that says:
[    Register     FAQ        Members List     Calendar      Today's Posts       Search      ]

This clears the inner body of the forum page and displays a vBulletin Message of "Could not find phrase 'invalid_redirect_url_x'.'  So no go there.

If I jump from the drop down there to the User Control Panel, the register link there does the same thing, but at least there is a login form.  Unfortunately given I can't register, and given that when I try my actual curseforge login it says "You have entered an invalid username or password…" etc., and that when I click the "click here" , going to the enter email to reset password page (forum specific - not the curseforge one), it says you have entered an email address we don't recognize, etc.

At this point, I don't see any other thing I can do besides report it (or use firefox)

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