3370 - Multiple download options in one thread -> problems with that!

Dear Curse,

Hope that the part that was already writen and that i deleted doesn't matter too much. I have created a thread that has more download options. So i noticed that the newest uploaded file has the most downloads but i am sure that they didn't wanted to download only that because i have a texture pack that doesn't need to be updated so much and adding new files to it couse it only has mobs in it! Example: My texture pack is called Mark's Wolf and Cat textures and it has a lot of different wolves and cas in it. So the latest file was Nyan Cat and because of that 240 people downloaded Nyan Cat insted of Mark's Wolf and Cat textures and that is a big problem. For now i reuploaded the old Mark's Wolf and Cat textures so they will download that and Not Nyan Cat.

Hope you understand what i wanted to say I am not from US or UK so my english is not perfect.

My proposal to how to fix this:

I think it would be better if the creator could choose the primary file for download not the latest one, also i hate it when i cant reupload the same texture pack zip file so i have to add something new to it, it would be great if you could remove that

~Thank you!

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