2449 - Allow ticket managment from the Commit note

Over at bitbucket, they have a service you can add to your project called "Issues"


The issues service scans commit messages for commands which will automatically change the state of the relevant issue on the tracker.

To link your commit to an issue, include somewhere in your commit message the following fragment:

    <command> <issue id>

where the <command> can be any of the following:

   close/closed/closes//closing/fix/fixed/fixes    # resolves the issue
   reopen/reopens/reopening                        # reopens the issue   
   addresses/re/references/ref/refs/see            # adds a link to the changeset as a comment for the issue

For an example issue 4711, the <issue id> can be of the following form:

    issue 4711
    bug 4711
    ticket 4711


   "... fixes #4711 ..."                  # marks issue as resolved
   "... reopening bug 4711..."            # marks issue as open
   "... refs ticket 4711..."              # links changeset to issue as comment
   "... refs bug #4711 and #4712..."      # links to multiple issues

Note: When displayed in the changeset view, #4711 will link back to the issue, while issue 4711 will not.
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