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It would be fantastic if we were able to search in project titles only, as opposed to the current "title, description, and imaginary words the search engine guesses might be somehow related" method.

For example, on a query for "SharedMedia", DBM, Omen, Titan Panel, HealBot, and BigWigs all rank higher than "SharedMedia", and Elkano's BuffBars ranks higher than "LibSharedMedia-3.0". I can't remember what I was looking for the other day, but the library whose name I typed in wasn't even on the first page of results.

I understand that DBM, Omen, Titan Panel, HealBot, and BigWigs are all far more popular downloads than LibSharedMedia-3.0, but still... there's got to be a better way to rank search results. It's almost always faster to use Google and search for "wowace SharedMedia" than it is to use the WowAce search. :(

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    Also, it seems that the search only matches on full words. For example, some ButtonFacade skins say "ButtonFacade" while others add a space and say "Button Facade". However, searching for "ButtonFacade" will only find the former, but searching for "Button Facade" or even just "facade" will only find the latter.

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