1780 - Add a mechanism for ticket creators to flag a fix as bad

It would be nice if after a ticket I've submitted is flagged as fixed by the author, I could somehow use the ticket system to report issues with the fix in a way that is visible to the author but that doesn't require opening a new ticket. Being able to change the state to something like incomplete, failed verification, etc. would be quite nice.

Alternatively, a mechanism by which the ticket creator must flag a "fixed" ticket as "verified" before it falls off of the author's radar would work.

Probably any solution would have to have an opt out option for authors who don't care.

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    What you're suggesting could be accomplished by changing the superstatus of "Fixed" from "Closed" to "Open". (This would also serve to keep "Fixed" tickets in the default ticket view, giving users a better sense of the author's most recent activity and what fixes they should be testing.)

    This would be a pretty drastic change, however. There are probably several thousand tickets already in the "Fixed" status that have been forgotten about and would be catapulted back into the default ticket view unceremoniously, causing a huge headache for both authors and users.

    I'm not sure it would be procedurally correct to mass-update all existing "Fixed" tickets to "Verified" before reassigning the superstatus of "Fixed" to "Open". However, if an automated comment could be added to those tickets [The status of this ticket has been automatically reassigned by CurseForge from "Fixed" to "Verified" in preparation for one-time changes to the "Fixed" status. The author may change its status back to "Fixed" if additional testing is desired.], you could avoid a lot of this confusion. (I've noticed most authors never use the "Verified" status, anyway.)

    Going forward, authors who aboslutely no longer wanted feedback on a ticket could simply assign it directly to "Verified", skipping the "Fixed" status entirely.

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