1120 - Mass flag/unflag "needs review"

I would like a way to mass-flag translations as being in need of review or as not in need of review, as the case may be. By mass-flag, I mean changing the flag for all translations of all strings for a given language. Perhaps this would manifest as an option that appears after selecting a specific language on the localization status page.

I ran into a problem where I needed to rename a lot of phrases (just the phrase names, not the English translations), and all of the translations (hundreds of them) were automatically flagged as in need of review even though most of them should not be. (As a side note, it'd be nice if the automatic flagging that occurs there could be disabled. I can see where it's useful, but as I've mentioned, I have personal experience in it being less than helpful.)

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    Any progress on this?

    I'm using the typical L["English phrase"] = "Frase en espaƱol" pattern, so it's pretty annoying when I change the wording of some English phrase slightly, and it unconditionally marks the phrase as "needs review" for all languages, when in fact there is no change in the actual meaning of the phrase, and translations almost certainly do not need to be updated.

    The "Mark all translations for review?" box on the "Edit Phrase" page does NOT work.

    It's also very annoying to spend hours translating hundreds of stings, and have no way to mark them as NOT needing review without going through and clicking through dozens of pages and checking hundreds of checkboxes, which I'm pretty much NEVER going to do.

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