1098 - Support item links on wiki/bbcode pages

[09:40] Ackis/Deathwatch: see #wowace about the item link things
[09:41] Bryan McLemore: ?
[09:43] Ackis/Deathwatch: you know on forums you can put an item link and it'll link to wowdb/wowhead?
[09:43] Ackis/Deathwatch: was wondering if wowace/cf had that ability for pages
[10:33] Bryan McLemore: hrm, no
[10:33] Bryan McLemore: no reason why it couldn't though
[10:34] Bryan McLemore: I'd just need someone to write a bb tag for it
[10:34] Ackis/Deathwatch: well there's a million bbcode tags out there already, what about wiki?
[10:35] Bryan McLemore: ?
[10:35] Bryan McLemore: oh you mean
[10:35] Ackis/Deathwatch:
[10:35] Bryan McLemore: to link an item in the wowace/cf's pages
[10:36] Ackis/Deathwatch: nah lets say I have a wiki page with
[Ackis' Big Item]
I want that to link to a site with the item
[10:36] Ackis/Deathwatch: not just in bbcode format, I'd like wiki format supported too
[10:36] Ackis/Deathwatch: am I making sense?
[10:39] Bryan McLemore: yeah
[10:40] Ackis/Deathwatch: is that hard to implement? I have a use case example if you need :P
[10:40] Bryan McLemore: don't I just have to include there js files?
[10:41] Ackis/Deathwatch: for bbcode yes... not sure about the wiki stuff
[11:18] Ackis/Deathwatch: btw want me to ticket that suggestion or is it something you could implement right away?
[11:38] Bryan McLemore: ticket

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