Preparing for the new System

As we start preparing for the new system (yay new features) we are working on getting mods moved out of the Legacy Categories. Right now if you are in a Legacy Category and not in new categories your mod is harder for the users to find. We are reading through the descriptions of mods that have not been moved to new categories and are putting them in the (hopefully) appropriate category. You can of course edit the categories and change them to where you feel the mod belongs. Please do not pick "World Gen" as it will not be a selectable category in the new system, pick an appropriate sub-category.

While we are doing this we would also like to see mod authors add a default image to any non-api, non-library mod.  This image shows up in the search list and draws more attention to your mod from the users browsing the lists.

Please forgive us if we put your mod somewhere you don't feel it belongs.

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  • Avatar of robotbrain robotbrain May 01, 2014 at 21:36 UTC - 0 likes

    I just want to know; what are the new features, exactly?

  • Avatar of Kaelten Kaelten Apr 30, 2014 at 18:01 UTC - 0 likes

    Want to point out that the announcement is actually only targeting But due to a problem in the codebase is leaking over to as well.

    When it comes time for bukkit to move over to Elerium we will be making sure the experience is customized for you guys separately. & Adminstrator
    Check out my new addon, OneChoice, it helps you pick quest rewards faster.
    Developer of Ace3, OneBag3, and many other addons and libraries
    Project lead and Mac developer for the Curse Client

  • Avatar of GuyB790 GuyB790 Apr 28, 2014 at 16:28 UTC - 0 likes

    Could you add a feature to report plugins for abandoning / inactivity / really old? And then when players will look in the plugin list, the will be able to either filter out any inactive / really old / abandoned plugins OR have a marker about it because players seem to ignore the version of when plugins are last updated or even not notice at all the plugin has been last updated up to more than a year and then leave a comment about it expecting to actually get support or such!

    Non the less, glad to hear the new stuff are comming in.

    Kind regards,
    - I make stuff
  • Avatar of elminadero elminadero Apr 26, 2014 at 16:17 UTC - 1 like

    Why is World Gen going away?

  • Avatar of Jadedcat Jadedcat Apr 21, 2014 at 17:49 UTC - 0 likes

    @mickare: Go

    That does appear odd. We'll look into it.

    It will probably not be fixed until the new system is in place.

    Last edited Apr 21, 2014 by Jadedcat
  • Avatar of mickare mickare Apr 21, 2014 at 11:33 UTC - 0 likes

    The description editor with BBCode is broken!

    I try for the 10th time to create a code field.


    is shown as this sometimes:\\
    <<code lua>>

    -.-' Even showing the problem is broken! ...

    Also the new list feature is broken. It inserts a extra point if there is a line breaking.

    • This is a test.
    • There should be no point above!

    Please repair it, or write it completly new!
    The text editor never worked proberly.

  • Avatar of ImLocoHd ImLocoHd Apr 16, 2014 at 15:45 UTC - 0 likes

    So im new at bukkit and because im new and im portuguese i dont no where is a forum.
    (expect bad english)

    So my friend: jackesninja has created a server 1.6.4 with bukkit and some plugins.
    Today we are pvping in a arena and the serve have no lag and my friend goed to study.

    I stayed at the arena with other friend and the server started to lag.The owner jackesninja goed to the server.log and the log of server is with chinese symbols.
    So i realy dont no wath the fuck happened and i goed to google tradutor and its like a chinese fabule.
    Its super akward and i realy need help is my friend hacked.Is that a virus?

    Akwars text:

    畇牡嵤䰠慯敤⁤潣普杩牵瑡潩潦⁲潷汲⁤眧牯摬瑟敨敟摮ਧ〲㐱〭ⴳ㤲ㄠ㨷㠵㔺‴䥛䙎嵏嬠潗汲䝤慵摲⁝‴敲楧湯⁳潬摡摥映牯✠潷汲❤㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㐵嬠义但⁝坛牯摬畇牡嵤〠爠来潩獮氠慯敤⁤潦⁲眧牯摬湟瑥敨❲㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㐵嬠义但⁝坛牯摬畇牡嵤〠爠来潩獮氠慯敤⁤潦⁲眧牯摬瑟敨敟摮ਧ〲㐱〭ⴳ㤲ㄠ㨷㠵㔺‴䥛䙎嵏嬠獅敳瑮慩獬⁝湅扡楬杮䔠獳湥楴污⁳㉶ㄮ⸲ਲ〲㐱〭ⴳ㤲ㄠ㨷㠵㔺‵䥛䙎嵏䔠獳湥楴污㩳唠楳杮挠湯楦⁧楦敬攠桮湡散⁤数浲獩楳湯⹳㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㔵嬠义但⁝敐浲獩楳湯⁳楬瑳摥椠獡瀠慬敹⵲潣浭湡獤眠汩敢朠癩湥琠污獵牥⹳㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㔵嬠义但⁝䕛獳湥楴污偳潲整瑣⁝湅扡楬杮䔠獳湥楴污偳潲整瑣瘠⸲㈱㈮㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㔵嬠义但⁝䕛獳湥楴污即慰湷⁝湅扡楬杮䔠獳湥楴污即慰湷瘠⸲㈱㈮㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㔵嬠义但⁝䍛敲瑡癩䝥瑡獥⁝湅扡楬杮䌠敲瑡癩䝥瑡獥瘠⸲⸳ਰ〲㐱〭ⴳ㤲ㄠ㨷㠵㔺‵䥛䙎嵏ᬠせ㌻㬶㈲孭嬛㬰㘳ㄻ䍭敲瑡癩䝥瑡獥㈠㌮〮嬛㬰㘳㈻洲⁝嬛㬰㌳ㄻ㵭㴽䔠䅎䱂⁅呓剁⁔㴽ᬽ浛㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㔵嬠义但⁝嬛㬰㘳㈻洲᭛せ㌻㬶洱牃慥楴敶慇整⁳⸲⸳ᬰせ㌻㬶㈲嵭ᬠせ㌻㬳洱㴽‽久䉁䕌ᬠせ㌻㬲洱佃偍䕌䕔ᬠせ㌻㬳洱吨潯嬛㬰㔳ㄻㅭ㤳獭嬛㬰㌳ㄻ⥭㴠㴽嬛੭〲㐱〭ⴳ㤲ㄠ㨷㠵㔺‵䥛䙎嵏嬠慖楮桳潎慐正瑥⁝湅扡楬杮嘠湡獩乨偯捡敫⁴㍶ㄮ⸸ਵ〲㐱〭ⴳ㤲ㄠ㨷㠵㔺‵䥛䙎嵏嬠慖楮桳潎慐正瑥⁝潌摡湩⁧畳灰牯⁴潦⁲ㅶ㙟剟ਲ਼〲㐱〭ⴳ㤲ㄠ㨷㠵㔺‵䥛䙎嵏嬠汃慥䱲条⁝潎甠摰瑡獥映畯摮ਡ〲㐱〭ⴳ㤲ㄠ㨷㠵㔺‵䥛䙎嵏嬠慖楮桳潎慐正瑥⁝潃潬敲⁤慮敭慴獧攠慮汢摥‬畢⁴⁉潣汵湤琧映湩⁤慔䅧䥐㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㔵嬠义但⁝噛湡獩乨偯捡敫嵴䘠牯愠敷潳敭挠汯牯摥渠浡瑥条⁳湯瘠湡獩ⱨ瘠獩瑩㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㔵嬠义但⁝噛湡獩乨偯捡敫嵴栠瑴㩰⼯敤⹶畢歫瑩漮杲猯牥敶⵲潭獤琯条 ㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㔵嬠义但⁝噛湡獩乨偯捡敫嵴愠摮搠睯汮慯⁤慔䅧䥐樮牡㈊㄰ⴴ㌰㈭‹㜱㔺㨸㔵嬠义但⁝噛湡獩乨偯捡敫嵴丠睯栠潯楫杮椠瑮㌰㈭‹㠱ㄺ㨷㌱嬠义但⁝偛嵔氠捯汯捯㥯㜸椠獳敵⁤敳癲

  • Avatar of Jcdesimp Jcdesimp Apr 11, 2014 at 20:51 UTC - 4 likes

    Could the default image not uglify my main page by putting itself in the corner like it does? If so then I'd happily add a default image.



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