Happy Cataclysm

The Shattering has happened. Now it's time to level up in the third expansion for WoW. I hope everyone has a fun release night!!!

We will continue to approve projects as soon as possible.

Hopefully the game servers will stay up. :D

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  • Avatar of vivianalive vivianalive Dec 22, 2010 at 04:31 UTC - 0 likes

    I've been playing WOW for 2 years. Thanks every WOWer, no matter pure game players, or addon developers, thank you so much for being with me. :)

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  • Avatar of Albaritok Albaritok Dec 08, 2010 at 16:10 UTC - 0 likes

    Wife, myself and both kids playing. For the last five years. Wife is so addicted that we can't take vacation unless the motel has internet.

    Otherwise, I wonder when Curse is going to remedy the update errors I get (and so do others, I guess) with weird "manifest ...." messages.

  • Avatar of mnadeau1992 mnadeau1992 Dec 07, 2010 at 16:13 UTC - 0 likes

    you won't restart playing with you acc OneTwoSC?

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  • Avatar of Alrik1989 Alrik1989 Dec 07, 2010 at 13:43 UTC - 0 likes

    "Even when he offered to pay!" lol omg :D

    Would like to play some WoW again, but there is no time for it and I know it pisses me off again when I'm beyond lvl 60, but until lvl 60 it is just great :)

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  • Avatar of Bibendus Bibendus Dec 07, 2010 at 08:32 UTC - 0 likes

    Fuuuuuuuuu the bnet lag is blocking the sc2 startup :D

  • Avatar of Aenigma Aenigma Dec 07, 2010 at 07:12 UTC - 0 likes

    Agreed. Played it from '04 till early this year. Friend wanted me to come back, but now that I'm gone there is no appeal to go back. Even when he offered to pay!

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  • Avatar of OneTwoSC OneTwoSC Dec 07, 2010 at 06:26 UTC - 0 likes
    Hmm, just can't ever really get back into WoW. Played it from 2004-2007 but then one day just stopped lol. Have to say though, one of the greatest & most atmospheric games ever made... and I hope everyone who plays it still enjoys the new expac :D

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    p.s. I've quit mapping since Nov 2011.



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