CurseForge and FTB PAXPrime Community Dinner

Attention all CurseForge authors, and other creative types!

Are you in Seattle for PAX Prime? Do you happen to be in the area for other reasons on Saturday August 30th? If so you are coordially invited to dinner and a show on us. We're going to start with dinner at the Triple Door and stay to watch Cards Against Humanity, the Nerdologues, and Improvised Star Trek for an improv show.

Dinner starts at 6:30PM, and the show is slanted to start at 8:00PM. You must be 17+ to attend, 21+ to imbibe alcohol. You're welcome to come hangout with us, the Feed The Beast Crew, and other authors, artists, youtubers, or who ever the cat may drag in...

Space is limited, so you'll have to RSVP by sending a PM using this link. We will confirm reservations as space is available.

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    @zuz22: Go

    HAH! You do realise that the BukkitDev team are mostly part of the Bukkit project? DBO can't just magically put up downloads for Bukkit again. There's no way to get Bukkit anymore.

  • Avatar of zuz22 zuz22 Oct 01, 2014 at 14:53 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello Bukkit Team. If you are going to update to 1.8 soon, Please try to get back DL.BUKKIT.COM, There's a DMCA notice, and it was taken down. So can you guys please fix it so the public can download any version of CraftBukkit again? Thx, Scott B.

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    because I,m a new person ===No the creater

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