World of Warcraft Beta Sites

Posted by Torhal Jun 22, 2015 at 17:17 UTC

For the last two years we've been working on a new platform to power CurseForge. In March 2014 we debuted the platform to support WildStar. In May 2014 we added Kerbal Space Program and then shortly after migrated Minecraft to the new platform.

Since then, we've been frantically working to add new features to support the new experiences, as well as the features that were still missing from the legacy platform. The time has now come to show the hard won fruits of the last two years of labor to our World of Warcraft authors.

To that end we're launching beta sites for both WowAce and WoW CurseForge. While we're very happy with the platform, we need your help with trying to break things, finding things we've missed, or giving feedback on some of the changes we've made.

There are two important things to know: While these sites are more or less feature complete when compared to the existing sites the one major feature that's still to be launched is repositories. This feature is forthcoming and will be enabled in the upcoming weeks. Secondly, these sites are not truly live. Any projects created, changed, updated, or the like will not synchronize to either or the Client.

We're expecting to leave the beta sites up for several weeks. During the testing period, please use this forum for discussions, bug reports, and general feedback. At the end of the beta test we'll be wiping out everything on the new platform and reimporting the legacy sites.

We hope you enjoy the new sites, and we can't wait to hear your feedback!

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Download Counters

Posted by Torhal Mar 10, 2015 at 18:52 UTC

Hey there,

We're performing maintenance on some of the back-end services, which necessitated the disabling of the service that updates the download counters on all projects. The downloads are still being recorded, however, so once we re-start that particular service the numbers will reflect the correct amount.

Thanks, Torhal

UPDATE: The services have been re-enabled; download counters are now reading appropriately.

CurseForge Dinner Review and Upcoming

Posted by Jadedcat Jan 30, 2015 at 21:50 UTC

Pax South 2015 was amazing. San Antonio's weather was a bit petulant at first with cold rain on arrival. That quickly cleared up and most of the convention was sunny and warm. Several CurseForge team members attended to meet with our client users, authors and community members. As a way of giving back to the community and a great excuse for good food CurseForge sponsors dinner at the conventions we attend. For Pax South our dinner was held at Texas de Brazil a Brazilian Steakhouse with all you can eat steaks, filet, and bacon. There were also some vegetables somewhere.

We had 30 seats and ended up expanding to 40 seats. And with Pax East just a few weeks away we plan to do it again.

We have had a couple issues at the past 2 dinners with people not knowing the dinner was occurring and not getting their invitation. To prevent this for Pax East we'd like to get an idea of who would like to go with us. We have not decided on the location for Pax East yet since we need to know how many guests before we can make a reservation.

If you would like to be on the list for invites please fill out this 3 question survey with some form of contact information for us to send the invite to. You can choose what to answer and what contact information you want to give us if any. Community members with valid contact information will have a higher chance of getting an invitation to future CurseForge dinners at conventions. Twitter and Curse accounts are valid contact options if you prefer not to give us your email. This is not only open to authors, community members are welcome too.

Once we have an idea how many people want to join us for food and drinks we'll make a reservation and send out invites. It will be some form of steakhouse or other traditional restaurant type. There will be vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

If you have any questions feel free to contact [email protected] .

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RSVP CurseForge Pax South Community Dinner

Posted by Jadedcat Jan 14, 2015 at 18:24 UTC

If you are headed to Pax South, or you will be in the San Antonio,TX area on Saturday Jan 24th, you are invited to dinner on us. In the tradition of Texas dinner will be steak. There may be vegetables hidden somewhere.*

Dinner will start at 7pm. You must be 17+ to attend. You must be 21+ with valid ID to drink alcohol. Come hang out with FTB, Curse, streamers, youtubers, authors, and anyone else that stops in.

Space is limited, RSVP to [email protected] for confirmation of seating and location.

Upcoming Approval Delays

Posted by Jadedcat Jan 14, 2015 at 18:20 UTC

Half of the CurseForge team is headed to Pax South Jan 22-26th. During this time approvals may take slightly longer than normal, especially during the 10pm to 10am shift (CST). We will still be checking the queues and approving files, but we will be away from our computers with only hotel internet to rely on, so delays may occur. If you are going to be at Pax South, come find us and say hi. Or RSVP for the CurseForge Dinner.

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