New Mod Categories

Posted by Jadedcat Apr 03, 2014 at 18:03 UTC

It has been remarked on that the current category system is mildly non-specific for Minecraft Mods. So we gave you new specific categories that should help better organize your mods and help end users find what they are looking for.

When editing categories, make sure you change both Primary and Secondary categories. Use Project Management and click on Edit Project. Then go down and use the dropdown menu to select your Primary Category then pick up to 4 Secondary Categories.

The old categories have been moved to Legacy and will be disappearing when the new system is put in place. Currently if you are using a Legacy Category other than Forge or Other users will not be able to sort with that category.

Feel free to comment if you feel a category is missing.

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Texture Pack Category Updates

Posted by Jadedcat Apr 01, 2014 at 22:12 UTC

Minecraft Texture packs have new categories. Using these categories will help users looking to download a specific resolution or style of texture pack. Edit your project and pick the categories that match best. This will help ensure a smoother transition to the new system, as well as making it easier for the end user to find packs.

The category icons are temporary and will be updated soon.

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WildStar Elerium Launch - A New CurseForge

Posted by ahamling27 Mar 12, 2014 at 13:48 UTC
The WildStar NDA has finally lifted and that means we can all finally discuss every facet of WildStar without a care. Of course, this means we’ll be hosting addons through our author platform, CurseForge. For a few months we’ve been beta testing a new version of CurseForge called Elerium, and WildStar is launching on this brand new platform.

If you are in the beta, you can start uploading your addons now and players can start downloading them from as well as through the client.

Hosting your addon has never been easier on the new CurseForge platform. We have streamlined the tools and really strived to create a better platform specific to your needs. The original CurseForge was created by addon authors, for addon authors, and we’re happy to say that it hasn’t changed.

As many of you know, not only do your addons show up on, you can also manage all your addons through the Curse Client. We’ll keep your addons up-to-date, and we’ll even backup your addon settings to the cloud.

We hope you enjoy the new look of CurseForge. We’ll be migrating our older CurseForge sites over to the new platform as time goes on and we are happy to take your feedback on what we can do to make this platform even better going forward.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for our Author Rewards Platform if you plan on hosting a WildStar addon. As people download your addon, you will build up points and you can then turn those points into Amazon gift cards or even direct PayPal deposits.

To learn more about WildStar including newly released info like the release date, Warplots, pre-order, and more, head on over to where you can sign-in with your Curse account and participate in the beta discussion that is about to unfold.

And it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t thank the developers who brought us this game we all find so fascinating, so a big thank you to Carbine! Again, if you have any questions concerning the site or have any feedback, use the comment section below and we’ll be quick to answer them. Thanks!

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The Minecraft CurseForge Beta has Concluded

Posted by prencher Mar 11, 2014 at 03:05 UTC

Hi everyone,

As of today, we've wound down the Minecraft CurseForge beta. Thanks to everyone who looked around, reported bugs and provided feedback, it has helped us a ton to prepare for the real thing.

Speaking of that, stay tuned. We'll be back real soon.

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New Beta Round for Minecraft Site

Posted by Torhal Jan 22, 2014 at 00:18 UTC

Since our initial Beta unveiling in mid-December, we've looked at your feedback as well as our own observations and put in a great deal of effort toward further refinements. While we didn't get to everything that was suggested or that should be in the final version, we've made quite a few changes and improvements which we hope will spark even more feedback.

As with our previous Beta, please keep in mind that several core functionalities are not yet implemented. In addition, Projects created on the Beta site will not synchronize to either or to the Curse Client; at the end of the beta run all projects will be deleted - this is strictly for testing and feedback purposes.

We encourage you to try breaking things on the site, and give feedback on what you like and dislike so we have data to work with during our continued development.

If you have not yet seen the Beta site, or need a refresher on where to find it, the URL is

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